5X Sales Funnel


If you want to sell more online courses and coaching, you need to have what I call the three C's. First C is clarity. You need to have Clarity in your sales strategy.

Unfortunately many coaches and course creators keep jumping from one strategy to another. One day they will try webinars then they will do WhatsApp marketing then they try messaging everyone on social media. Take some time out and figure out the most logical method in order to reach your audience and as well as convince them that you can help them out and then you can ask them to buy your courses or your coaching.

Now if you are struggling to find your appropriate strategy then I invite you to check out my 5x funnel framework. it is a completely automated sales funnel specifically developed in order to sell more online courses and coaching. The strategy session is completely free to attend and available immediately the link will be in the description box or on my bio please watch and evaluate the strategy, Many coaches and course creators are shifting over from webinars and WhatsApp classes to my 5x funnel framework and they are able to convert better quality leads at a more cost effective price so please check it out later.

The second C that you will need is conviction you need to believe in your coaching your courses and also the sales strategy that you choose. If you do not have self-belief then you will give up at the first road bump that you're going to face because sometimes it's not the sales funnel but it is you who is not ready to make more sales. So take a good look at your digital products and sales strategy and have the belief that you will stick with one strategy for long enough in order to overcome the initial speed bumps.

And lastly confidence. This is crucial. it is essential to have confidence in your abilities as a coach or a course creator and your sales strategy itself. You see confidence is going to enable you to take bold and necessary steps in order to promote, advertise and even price your courses effectively. So if you want to sell more online courses and coaching remember the three C's Clarity, Conviction and Confidence.

What is your opinion? Did I miss something? Write them in the comments and don't forget to check out my 5x masterclass if you want to sell more online courses and coaching. 

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