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  • Explode your Course and Coaching sales exponentially by applying the strategies taught in this FREE Masterclass.

  • 85% of Course creators and Coaches struggle to sell their Online courses and coaching programs consistently and predictably.

  • Let us teach you the most Logical, Effective & Automated Sales Funnel to predictably sell your Online Courses, Coaching, Training, Consultancy and Expertise profitably.

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Total Enrolled: 5,900 learners

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically built for the following audience:

– Course Creators who want to sell and market their courses effectively
– Coaches & Trainers who want to educate and convert new clients
– Consultants who want to showcase their expertise and get high ticket clients
– Service Providers who want to generate incoming leads at scale
– Digital Agencies who want to showcase their services and talents to get clients

What will You Learn?

Within just 30 minutes you will learn the strategy on how to explode your Coaching and Course sales. This course is not just theoretical, but also a practical demonstration on how I achieve an insane 30% conversion of Paid Clients. We will go over some key concepts to achieve success in this business, then we will do a deep dive into segmenting the Market, crafting essential Offers, understanding the essential objectives and components of an optimum sales funnel and finally architect the 5X funnel framework that will work 24x7x365 in converting visitors into Leads and Leads to Clients. You will intuitively be able to understand the drastic difference in result that the 5X funnel can bring to your business.

How is this course different?

Unlike other courses in the market, this is not a theoretical lesson. This is the exact funnel that I use in my own business as a Course creator, Coach and a consultant.  Everything that I teach you is exactly what I use to generate Leads, Prospects, Bookings and then Sales.

The course is crisp, short and delivers knowledge to the point. You will need a Notepad and a pen to jot down points.

Masterclass Content Overview

The Digital Knowledge business is extremely profitable, but it also has a low barrier to entry. If you want to stand out from the sea of competition and carve out a unique niche for yourself, then you need to be fully aware of the 4 essential components to a successful Digital Knowledge business. 

In this lesson we will uncover the various segments of a Market and figure out the multiple combinations of possibilities. Having this figured is crucial because that will allow us to next craft offers so that we can attract as much as the Total Addressable Market as possible.

The Sales funnel is the last step of the Puzzle. Your funnel will allow you to take your offers and present them to the Market. In this lesson I will show you three popular Funnel architectures and compare them to each other, so you know which one you should be using.

Can you afford to lose out on Leads, Customers and Revenue?

85% of Course creators, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and Experts struggle to sustainably get their Leads and paid clients. This sales funnel will change all of that. Learn the 5X Funnel Framework and change the trajectory of your business.

Price: FREE


Total Enrolled: 5,900 learners

Your Instructor

My name is Shriram Iyer. I am the founder and CEO of 5X Sales Funnel.

I have been using Sales Funnels for over a decade in various environments such as B2B, B2C & Digital products. I am also a Digital Coach and a Course creator. So, I understand the struggle to consistently and predictably sell Digital knowledge products like Courses, Coaching and Consultancy. 

Take my Free Masterclass and I will show you how & why my 5X Sales Funnel system works. You can then implement it into your own business.

See you inside.