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How to Sell Online Courses & Coaching Using Webinars

How to sell online courses and coaching using webinars .
Webinars are an excellent tool to sell online courses and coaching but only if you follow these guidelines.
You see most gurus won't tell you about these so listen carefully and think about each point.
Number one - Warm up your audience before pitching a live webinar. A warm audience is someone who knows you either by direct interaction or through referral or reputation. Many coaches and course creators pitch a webinar to a cold audience and then they suffer from drastically low show up rates. That is an inefficient use of your marketing budget.
If you suffer from low show up rates and audience retention then there is a better way to warm up your audience.

I have developed the 5x funnel specifically for online course creators and coaches who want a better method than a cold webinar.  Link is in the description. Check it out.

Point number two - Webinars are best suited for mid to high priced courses or coaching. You see holding a webinar to sell a low ticket product is a waste of time and investment.
If you want to sell a low ticket course or coaching then better to automate the webinar or just have a free automated masterclass like we do in the 5x funnel. People who are committed to attending a webinar are typically problem and solution aware which means that you can sell a bigger ticket product to them.

Tip number three - Ensure that your presentation skills are perfected. Prepare and practice your pitch deck multiple times before you go live.

Four - Research your audience's preferred day and time. Since webinars require High Time commitments, it is essential that you either ask your existing audience or research your competitors to figure out the ideal time to hold a webinar, otherwise you will suffer from low shop rates.
Typically midweeks such as Wednesdays and Thursdays in the evenings are statistically seen to be ideal times but remember that your competitors might also be targeting these at the same time.

Tip number five - Drive traffic a week earlier and then warm up your audience using a welcome email series in order to build up excitement for the webinar. 

If you follow these five tips then you should be able to nail your live webinars. But if you're just starting off or you want to sell a low ticket product quickly and efficiently then check out my 5x funnel framework which is a completely automated funnel to sell more online courses and coaching 24x7x365.
It is simple yet sophisticated enough to convert a cold audience to a paying client quickly and efficiently.

Link is in the description. I explain every step of the framework and even demonstrate it live. See you inside.

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