5X Sales Funnel


If you are trying to sell more online courses and coaching then you will encounter three kinds of audiences and you need to plan and strategize content for all these three audiences if you want to maximize your return on investment or your return on ad spend.

Audience number one - Problem and solution aware.
Now they are also looking for a product right at this point and will buy your courses or coaching if you can prove that your course and your coaching is superior to your competitors.
Good news is that this is the easiest audience to convert.
Bad news this audience is extremely small in size.
Aat any given point in time you can expect only one to two percent of the market to be at this particular stage and everybody is fighting for this audience. So relying on this audience alone is going to be a dogfight and it'll be difficult to scale up your business.
An example of this audience are let's say prospects who wish to lose weight using keto. They are problem aware in the sense that they know they need to lose weight and they're also solution aware because they want to use keto as a solution. So if you're a keto coach then this is the perfect audience for you.

Audience number two is problem aware but not solution aware.
And they are not looking to buy something right now because they are not completely sure and this audience will make up about 20% of the market. Maybe more.
This is a decently sized Market but you will have to be clever to create and Market your products the right way too. They need a bit of nurturing to explain the solution and how your particular course of coaching is going to give them the benefits.
You can easily sell a low or a mid ticket product to this audience and then over time convert them to a high ticket client.
An example of this audience is someone who knows they need to lose weight but they're not sure what kind of diet they should choose in order to lose weight effectively.
If you capture audience 1 and audience 2, you are set to make a six to seven figure business selling courses and coaching.

Now I have developed a funnel framework called the 5x funnel which takes a cold unsympathetic visitor and then converts them into a subscriber, then a qualified lead and finally to a paying client within 30 to 45 minutes.
The funnel is completely automated and it will work 24x7x365 once you set it up. Link is in the description, check it out after you watch this video. It can solve your lead and sales problems forever if you are an online course creator or a coach.

Audience number three is a completely unaware audience.
An example would be someone who isn't bothered about losing weight at this point in time and is not ready to buy anything from you. This type of audience needs to be first converted to be problem aware and that takes time.
You should focus on this audience only when you have squeezed out audience number one and two or you have a lot of time in your hands.
In my opinion you will not need to focus on this audience if you are in the early stages of your business.

But if you want to squeeze every last Prospect with an audience one and two then you need to build a high performing sales funnel built specifically to sell online courses and coaching. So please check out my 5x framework. A completely automated funnel that will help you to convert audience one and audience 2 into paying clients as fast as possible.
Link is in the description below. You will be glad you watched it. I look forward to seeing you inside.

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