If you want to be a Digital Course Creator or a Coach then you need to be able to produce video content. And you need to produce quite a lot of it. Course Content, Social Media content, Reels, Shorts, Ads and the list continues. 

You need a fine balance of Quality & Quantity.
Produce high quality but less Quantity then you cannot scale.
Produce low quality but a lot of videos and you will get low quality or No qualified Leads.
You need to get that balance right. Otherwise you will burn out and get frustrated.

This course will teach you my system of producing videos quickly, effectively & efficiently. No fancy equipment needed. Just a mobile phone and a laptop. At this point I have recorded over 150 videos using the exact method that I teach you. No outside help taken. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel and try to do this by yourself. Learn my method, improve upon it and get going fast.

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Who is this course for?

This course is specifically built for the following audience:

– Course Creators who want to sell and market their courses effectively
– Coaches & Trainers who want to educate and convert new clients
– Consultants who want to showcase their expertise and get high ticket clients
– Service Providers who want to generate incoming leads at scale
– Digital Agencies who want to showcase their services and talents to get clients

What will You Learn?

You will learn to create high quality videos at a fraction of the time that you used to take before.

You will learn to choose the cheapest yet most effective gear & software that will get you the required results. I will help eliminate the confusion.

By the end of this course you will have the clarity and confidence to start producing video content that your Course & Coaching business needs. 

How is this course different?

This is a practical action oriented course wherein you get to see over the shoulder of our lead instructor systematically building the videos right in front of your eyes. All the lessons are bite sized and will empower you to take immediate concrete action.

Unlike other courses in the market, this is not a theoretical experiment. Using this exact workflow I have created over 150 videos and I continue to create even more.

Course Content Overview

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